Barbara Lloyd

Barbara is a self taught artist who started her career designing decorative painting books. Her work is a mixture of folk art and whimsy, and is known for her beautiful plates and signs.

Donna White

Donna designed fine, handcrafted treasures as well as painting and stenciling on walls and plates for more than 25 years. She was best known for her whimsical plate designs, but had also put her creative hand to ornaments and house blocks. Unfortunately, we lost Donna in 2017. All of us at The Hearthside Collection were saddened by this loss. She has been as asset to this company since its inception. We miss her deeply.

Michelle Kildow

Michelle left her corporate career in Merchandise Design to start a family and become a freelance designer. She is best known to The Hearthside Collection for her fun and whimsical designs on plates, signs, and tin.

Sabrina Wingren

Sabrina began as a theatrical set painter, then worked as a graphic designer, and finally as an art director for a large advertising agency in Chicago. Her plate designs for The Hearthside Collection include many inspirational messages of family and faith.

Kitty Johnson

Kitty is a self-taught seamstress that began sewing at the age of eight. After retiring as a first grade teacher, Kitty discovered her true passion for doll making. She began participating in local craft shows and has created an extensive line of primitive dolls for all seasons.

Dawn Stake

An integral part of The Hearthside family, Dawn's talents extend from adorable primitive dolls to creative country houses. Her primitive style and unique approach makes Dawn a valuable asset to the company.

Pat Isaac

Pat's fun and humorous designs are no stranger to The Hearthside Collection as she creates an extensive line of decorative shelf sitters, magnets, and signs. Her village blocks are some of our most popular items.

Michelle Musser

Michelle is a talented painter whose original and unique designs on plates and signs have quickly become some of our best sellers. Plan to see a lot more of this talented designer in the future!

Joyce Napotnik

Joyce's creations are not only fun, but meticulously made. Her dolls and figurines are always dressed well and equipped with accessories. Joyce is also the artist who created our Sprinkles collection, which is one our best sellers.

Dianna Swartz

A valued designer to The Hearthside Collection, Dianna's illustrations of critters and crawlers evoke childhood whimsy. Keep an eye out for much more from this talented designer.

Lisa Johnson

Joining The Hearthside Collection in 2017, Lisa specializes in hand made stitchery and has designed some adorable samplers and candle mats for The Hearthside. Plan to see much more from Lisa in the future.

Kevin Smith

Another talented designer joining The Hearthside Collection in 2017, Kevin specializes in farmhouse-style woodwork, and is known for his collections and whimsical style.The Hearthside is excited to be collaborating with this talented designer!

Suzie Pienta

Joining our team in 2018, Suzie is a versatile designer using several medias, such as fabric, ceramic and wood, giving The Hearthside a fresh and current look.

Stephanie Shockey

Joining The Hearthside design team in 2020, Stephanie is a primitive designer specializing in fabric dolls and plush items.

Mechelle Clark

Our newest member to The Hearthside design team, joining us in 2023, Mechelle specializes in rustic, hand carved wooden decor. Stay tuned for much more from Mechelle!

Karen Schwarz

Karen's talents lie in designing creative and primitive decorative plates.

Robyn Rose

Robyn specializes in primitive wooden ornaments and sitters, with a variety of seasonal plush items to boot. The Hearthside Collection is happy to have this versatile designer on board.