Man Cave Wooden Word Sitter, 3 Asstd.

Man Cave Wooden Word Sitter, 3 Asstd. #37760
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An assortment of 3 wooden word sitters with hand-painted designs that read, "Man Cave," "Beer Me," or "Golf Dad." They are perfect for a display Father's Day gifts or an everyday collection of man cave themed products. Measures approximately 9" long. Note: Item is sold in 3 assorted designs, not as a set.

- Material: Wood

- Size:
Beer: 1.75" H x 9.5" L x 0.25" D 
Cave: 1.75" H x 9" L x 0.25" D
Golf: 1.75" H x 8.5" L x 0.25" D

- Designer: Michelle Kildow